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Rules and Policies

A student must at all times ensure that the property of the Government is properly maintained. That the health and safety of themselves and other individuals is not put at risk, and that the orderly conduct of programs of instruction are not interfered with in any way.

  • A student must maintain a high standard of behavior at all times and must not indulge in any act which may result in damage to Government property, or unduly interfere with the conduct and convenience of other students or staff.
  • A student must maintain an acceptable standard of dress while attending classes or studying on CDTC premises.

    Resolution Process

  • Resolution of the alleged misconduct must be attempted informally at source.
  • If an informal resolution is not possible, the matter will be referred to the Principal of the CDTC who depending on the severity of the matter may recommend;
  • a reprimand and warning
  • suspension from the course of study;
  • permanent expulsion from the CDTC.
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    Tongan Institute of Higher Education is part of the Distance Education and Communication
    Center which operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.
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