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Information Technology

Pertinent Assessment Criteria

Without limiting the assessment options of instructors, the assessment of students enrolled in a course may be undertaken using:

Final examination at the conclusion of the course Formal or informal tests Assignments including project work, essays, reports or such other activity as the course instructor requires.

Distinction (D)80% - 100%
Credit (C)65% - 79%
Pass (P)50% -64 %
Fail (F)Less than 50%


A student must sit the final examination, which is conducted at the end of each course. Students must obtain a mark of at least 50% for the examination in that course.


A student must attend 80% of the allocated classes to be allowed to take final examination in that course.

Lectures and Laboratory Work

Lectures and laboratory work will comprise at least 4 hours a week with clearly defined tasks to be completed.

Assignment Due Dates

Submitted assignments and materials must be handed in on or before the due date. Marks will be deducted for late submissions of assignments.

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