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Information Technology

Rules and Policies

The Tonga Institute of Higher Education strives to maintain a professional atmosphere of respect for both teachers and students. Professional behavior inside and outside of the classroom is expected for the purpose of maintaining this degree of excellence.

Restricted Behavior and Penalties

    TIHE follows a strict policy that forbids cheating under all circumstances. If a student is found to be cheating, the teacher has the discretion to deal with it at the classroom level or refer the case to the Student Services Committee who will examine the case and deliver the verdict as well as punitive repercussions based on the severity involved.

    Food, Drinks, and Litter

    Students are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the computer labs. If a student is found doing so, he/she will lose their computer privileges for one week. The consumption of alcohol on campus is not allowed and offenders will be referred to the Student Services Committee for appropriate action. Littering on the campus is discouraged and all students will be responsible for keeping the campus tidy and clean.


    Guests are not permitted to use the facilities at TIHE under any circumstances. If an individual does not have their TIHE identification on their person, they will be asked to leave the grounds.

    Property Damage

    A student must at all times ensure that the property of the Government of Tonga is properly maintained. A student must also not indulge in any act, which may result in damage to the Government of Tonga property.


    If a student is found attempting to steal equipment from the labs he/she will be dismissed from school and banned from returning or re-applying. There are no mitigating circumstances in this case.

    Unprofessional Behavior

    Conduct unbecoming, inside or outside the classroom, will jeopardize the students eligibility to continue studying. Students must ensure that the safety of individuals are not jeopardized and the orderly conduct of courses of instructions are not in any way interfered with.

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