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[   ]Advocacy, Ppt1 giving short policy briefings.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 49K
[   ]Advocacy, Ppt2 giving short policy briefings-2.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 96K
[   ]Advocacy, Ppt3 HOW TO GIVE AN EFFECTIVE POLICY BRIEFING.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 68K
[   ]Advocacy, Ppt4 Policy Communications.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 127K
[   ]Advocacy, Ppt5 Key Steps to Developing a Successful Presenta.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 175K
[   ]Advocacy, Ppt6 Making and Using Overheads.ppt04-Oct-2011 17:51 80K

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