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What can you say about a computer monitor (looks like a TV) you need one to use your computer, they can get expensive and some have speakers and microphones on them. My best advice is look to see what you can afford and buy something bigger than a 15" I would class this as the smallest you should buy.

CRT Monitors

CRT is an acronym of Cathode Ray Tube, These are you standard monitors, they are available in many sizes 15", 17", 19" and 22" the important information is the Dots per inch and the Resolution and operating Hertz, for instance 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels allows a lot of information on the screen but combined with 77hz reduces a lot of flicker produced by surrounding electricity power sources also the Grille/dot pitch the lower the value the better.

LCD/TFT Monitors

These are the new flat monitors and are becoming more and more popular, they again , come in 15", 17" and 19", these monitors a very expensive but the prices are starting to drop unlike the CRT monitors the way to tell how good they ate is by the Contrast Ration the value would be found in the for 350:1 the higher the first part of the number the better results.

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