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Malo e lelei

Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Education for the Kingdom of Tonga.

The ministry of education is responsible for the general administration and implementation of various policies and programmes in regards to formal education.

Among the objectives of the Ministry of Education include the following :
  • To provide a balanced programme of education for the full development of children, both as individuals and as productive members of the society
  • To develop Tongaís human resources to meet the countryís manpower needs to achieve continuous national development and growth, and;
  • To promote understanding and respect of menís physical and cultural environment.
  • Churches and other private organizations play important roles complementary to the Governmentís role in education. Primary education has been compulsory since 1876. The 1974 Education Act requires that every child between the ages of 6 and 14 must attend school.
All enquiries should be addressed to the Director of Education.

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Ministry of Education & Training
Kingdom of Tonga
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